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Интернет email директ-маркетинг – секретное оружие в конкурентной борьбе !

ЛЮДИ не читают рекламных объявлений как таковых. Они читают то, что их интересует, но иногда этим оказываются и рекламные объявления (Г. Госсид). Это означает что покупатели, удовлетворенные работой к…

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Эффективность писем при рассылке

Не имеет смысла в своей рекламе привлекать внимание всех читателей без разбора. Вам необходимо внимание аудитории. Не все люди, которые прочтут ваше объявление, - ваши будущие клиенты, и, конечно, ник…

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10 заповедей успеха в директ-маркетинге

Есть только один единственный способ найти решение ваших проблем в рекламе - спросите вашего покупателя. Это - истина в последней инстанции. Клод Хопкинс…

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Особенности российского рынка email директ-маркетинга

Когда Лестер Вундерман, один из отцов-основателей директ-маркетинга и автор бест-селлера “Being Direct”, в очередной раз посетил Россию в 2004 году, он проповедовал немногочисленным российским директ-…

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Главная » Our partner program

Our partner program

Entrance for partners.


The essence of the program is simple: we offer a percentage of all payments made attracting clients. Currently ustanolveny following interest rates:

Payment of a single sale now.
AMS Enterprise 2.x
$ 85,95
AMS Lite 2.x
$ 40,95

How to attract customers

After registration in the affiliate program you will receive a unique, personal link, click-throughs which are remembered by our system. If the person who signed up for our site on your link, make a purchase during the year - you will receive your partnership interest. All calculations were carried out with partners through the internet payment system (E-gold, PayPal, PayCheck, Web Money & others)

You can post a link where you see fit: on your site, forums, message boards, chat rooms, etc. We also reserve the right to your own form text descriptions, and text links.


We strictly prohibit the use of SPAM in all its manifestations, whether it be email, IRC, ICQ spam mn. Accounts found guilty of spamming will be deleted without warning.

We are also forbidden to advertise our products as a means to send spam.

Remember that our program predneznacheny ONLY for legitimate mailings!


How technically implemented an affiliate program

After registration in the affiliate program you will receive your personal affiliate link. All visits to our site , made through your link will zapomitatsya system. At the same time in the browser the visitor is placed cookie, which contains your affiliate ID.

When you first start our programs check the base browser cookies set by the user, for a partnership Cookie. Currently being tested all the popular browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. If the affiliate Cook found - it's saved in the program settings. Now, even if the user purge the cookie, or reinstall Windows - information that he downloaded our software by clicking on your affiliate links will not be lost. Information about entering can divide only in the very unlikely event such as visiting the site and download the program on one machine, and run on another.  Or download the program site, the immediate clearing cookies, run the program. Such scenarios, though not impossible, but highly unlikely.

After purchasing the program, when a buyer enters the received registration data, our program scans the data in the user database on our site. In the process of checking on the server just sent your affiliate ID. If the buyer first time activates the program such registration data - you will automatically be counted for sale.

How are payments

We make payments parterskih charges are at the end of each month. For the calculations used штеуктуе payment systems E-gold, PayPal, PayCheck, Web Money & others - your choice.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Your affiliate program uses cookies, but some users disable them in their browsers. What to do?

Fortunately, the percentage of such users is extremely small. With disabled cookies work of the Internet in today's almost impossible. In any case, potential buyers of our programs simply can not disable them - otherwise they would not have needed a program of this type.

I do not have a site, can I participate in your program?

Of course, owning a website is not a prerequisite for participation in our program! You can place your affiliate link where you want.

Can I advertise your products through text and banner networks?

Yes, we do not oppose such an option.

Can I advertise your products through spam mailings?

Absolutely not! "In case of complaints sent to your spam affiliate account will be closed immediately without warning.

Do all fair ? ... 

Believe me, we do not make any sense to deceive you. Our goal - to sell as much copies of our programs. We pay you a percentage of more profitable than lose the customer and do not sell the program.


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